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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses



With the cliche of the day flying by, it’s true, and I’m thrilled we have beautiful images to help me relive the best moments.

 After meeting Naz at our wedding and seeing her photos, two of my best friends also hired her for their weddings."

Some words from kind humans:

"Had a great eye for great shots but also capturing who we were.

From the moment we spoke she was so helpful with figuring out how to make all the logistics work. She was friendly and professional but also enthusiastic about helping us capture the moment. As someone that spent many years in the wedding industry, I know that it can become routine and another job but Nazaneen really made us feel special from the moment she accepted the job. 

You will not regret hiring her to photograph your big moment. Thank You Nazaneen!"

Before you know it, the day will be here! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll dance! And I will be there to capture all of those moments and all of the in between ones too. Your job is to just be present and smile for the camera.  

enjoy your day

I will send you over a contract to lock in your date and me for your big day!


The next step is to connect via phone or video call. This is where we can get to know each other, we can talk about what you want out of a photographer, chat about my services to create a custom package just for your wedding., and a time where I can answer any questions you may have.


Contact me to make sure I'm available on your wedding day!
You will receive a pricing guide upon the first email. 

get in touch






Waiting for the day

Shortly after the wedding, you will receive a gallery of images as a sneak peek and then your entire wedding day gallery will be delivered for you to download, print, share, and cherish for a lifetime. 

We continue to collaborate unti the day of. We can have multiple calls to talk about how I can make your wedding day portrait visions come to life through my camera lens.

Re-living the day


the experience