We are all differently beautiful in our own ways.
                                     Similar to the many differently beautiful San Francisco homes.
This project allows me to not only photograph the two together; but shows the beauty in both. 

                                  If you would like to be apart of my photo series, please contact me.
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The Painted Women Project 


A woman who loves fashion and putting looks together that allow her personality to shine through them

A woman who was born and raised in California and see's herself living here long term. 

A woman who has curiosity and passion in fashion, photography, and acting. 

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A woman who loves hiking, especially the feeling she gets when she's at the top and look's out into the distance. She says she feels so small in that moment, and that all her worries seem to disappear.

A woman who knew the way she was meant for the fashion industry was that as a toddler her favorite activity was walking around in her Mother's vintage pumps and lacey dance body suits. She says the smell of aged lace will never leave her mind. 

A woman who has been modeling since the age of 12.

A woman who finds herself going to the local thrift/vintage shop to learn the fashion culture at every new place she visits and travels.

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A woman born and raised in the Bay Area with German, Scots-Irish, and Cherokee descent. She thanks her Cherokee side for the cheekbones and her Irish side for the ability to drink.

A woman who collects vintage salt and pepper shakers like a grandma and plays video games like a teenage boy. To her, Grand Theft Auto and Bioshock are life.

A woman who loves to tell stories through the written word. She writes screenplays for film and television and mostly enjoys writing stories about strong, capable women as they endure and overcome adversity.

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A woman who is Thai-American but speaks Japanese much better than Thai. 

A woman who writes music to fill a connection deeper than communication. She told me she's really bad at saying what she means while talking, but that music provides a happy medium to getting her true words across.

A woman who is 4"11" and has been the same height since age thirteen.

She wore this shirt because cranes represent good fortune and longevity. She told me that "Myth: cranes are known for living for thousands of years. It is also referred as the bird of happiness."

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A woman who is half Chilean, a quarter Irish, and a quarter German and as of last summer she visited all three of those places. 

A woman who's ideal day consists of drinking coffee, listening to Chet Baker, getting some fresh air, and having quality conversation with her friends.

A women who views herself as a jack of all trades but a master of none. She has various interests but most of all loves promoting her friends passions and ambitions which is why she plans on pursuing a career in public relations.

A woman who is an avid believer in being self sufficient and motivated. She thinks it's good to rely on friends and family but prides herself in being independent and goal oriented especially in regards to her school, work, and passions.

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