The most beautiful sound is the click of the shutter. Early on I found my passion, realizing that life looked so much better through a lens. Capturing, making, and saving moments became a part of me. The camera was a new extension, and there was no way to live without it. 

It's about the moment. When you hear that shutter you know you've made something real, new, and lasting. I let my work speak for me because what matters the most is my love for the art of photography.

You shouldn't just take a picture, you must create the picture. I pay attention to all the moments, not just the big moments. Photography is my chance to make something new, something original. You have to question the simple things, we take them for granted and forget their value. I could just point and shoot, but I choose to do something more. I choose to learn, and improve myself just as my photographs improve the harder I try. Photography is a metaphor for my life. Photography shows me you can find things in anything if you look hard enough. I believe in beauty, and there is beauty in everything if you can find it. Looking through the lens gave me a whole new perspective. 

I started photographing as a passion and profession at a younger age in high school. I went on to attend and graduate from San Francisco State University with a bachelor's degree in Business. I'm finally pursuing the dream that I've had so long. 



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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses