Naz is an amazing photographer, the final product being only one part of the service that I loved. She is extremely professional yet also warm and friendly, her personality is why I want to give a good review as well as how amazing and wonderful my wedding photos came out. 

She made me feel like I was a model on a set, she paid attention to me but to also the little things that you want a photographer to see. She was the one that fixed the train of my dress throughout the day so that it sat correctly, she made sure that my hair wasn't out of place- she was the one who I looked to the whole day long, She was this beautiful calm presence but who I also felt had my back, she was looking out for me. She paid attention to not only that my guests were facing and smiling at the camera but to how the entire shot was going to look - lighting, attire, background, etc. She made sure the sun didn't make me squint funny and that my jewelry was lying flat. She was my extra set of eyes, it like was a security blanket I didn't even know I needed. 

And then the pictures, I cannot rave enough about the final product. Not only did Naz have good ideas for unusual artistic shots that I hadn't even thought of, the pictures themselves (the regular expected shots and the unusual) all came out so so good. And I honestly have to tell you the first two times I went through them I had tears running down my face. It brought me back and I got to live the day again, for that I will always be grateful.

And I had this unspeakably amazing set of hundreds of pictures! It was hard to weed them down, honestly, there were so many good ones. Ones where we looked pretty or handsome, ones where we looked happy, ones where you could see the relationships, ones where you could see the little artistic touches I had put into the decor, and then there were the ones where you could just see the story, and so many where you could see the love. 

You can't go wrong if you pick this amazing woman.

"my heart is so full, you did exactly what i wanted my photographer to do,

 thank you naz, really"

Debo + Tracy
Santa Cruz Mountains

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